Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Fantasy Squad

I had my fantasy draft last night at ESPN and I wound up with the 10th and 11th picks. With those picks I chose Miguel Cabrera and David Wright. The rest of the way I tried to get stud starting pitchers, but I forgot about the oufield spot somewhere along the way. If you are interested in my team you can see the pictures below of my roster. It is a standard 10 team, head-to-head, 25-man roster, league that counts batting average, home runs, RBI's, runs scored, and stolen bases for hitters and ERA, WHIP, saves, strikeouts, and wins for pitchers.

Tell me your opinion of my team or talk about yours in the comments section below. Remember you can follow my twitter @anotherjaysblog.


  1. This is a good team overall, although there is so much pitching available late in drafts this year that it's advised to draft a proven ace, and then wait until the 9th round or so to snap up high-potential pitchers.

    I personally would rather have Longoria than Wright, and you probably had either available to you. I can see you really zoned in on each category in particular, snapping up players will high steals numbers such as Dexter Fowler.

    I just started a new Blue Jays blog too, you gave me a good idea, I should post our draft results to my blog to let people analyze them as you did. My blog is

  2. Thanks for commenting. Your right that there is a lot of pitching late, but I got kind of tired of having secondary pitchers and wanted to stock up on guys who I could trust every time out for a solid outing.

    Yes, Longoria was available and I struggled over that choice. I knew Longoria would outslug and probably drive in more runs than Wright, but I wanted the better batting average (probably .020 points higher by seasons end) and more stolen bases because I always tend to not have enough SB's.

    I really hope Fowler will take the full-time CF spot this year for Colorado. He was a guy I got late and I hope can breakout.

    I think Wieters, Jimenez, and Marmol will have breakout years for their respective teams while I hope for bounceback years from Wright, Rollins, Chris Young, Geovany Soto, and Liriano.

    Good luck with your team.